Roller Compacted Concrete


   If you are looking for a durable, environmentally friendly and most importantly, an economical alternative to asphalt pavement, Roller Compacted Concrete is your solution.

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC for Short) is a zero-slump concrete mix that is placed with an asphalt paver, thereafter, compacted with vibratory rollers to achieve density.  RCC carries the same basic ingredients (cement, aggregate and water), has the durability and characteristics of conventional concrete paving.  RCC requires no need for formwork, reinforcing, dowels or finishing.


Roller Compacted Concrete

The high strength of RCC pavements eliminates common and costly problems traditionally associated with asphalt pavements.

-- Resist Rutting

-- Span soft localized sub-grades

-- Will not deform under heavy loads

-- No deterioration from fuel spills

-- Does not soften under high temperatures

Simple.  Fast.  Economical.

RCC today, is utilized for any type of pavement. The reason, Durability, Speed and Economy; it  has the strength and performance of conventional concrete with the economy and simplicity of asphalt; It is unique in a way that it resists any rutting, withstands heavy concentrated loads, resists deterioration from fuels or oils and has a longer life span than asphalt. 

Given the long service life and minimal maintenance, RCC’s low initial cost adds up to economy and value!

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